Slate Worldwide Inc. and Monex Europe will be attending TIFF 2018.

Thursday Aug 16, 2018

Slate Worldwide Inc. and Monex Europe will be in Toronto attending TIFF 2018 congress and look forward to meeting with TIFF Industry, Delegates, Producers, Distributors and other commercial interests who may be exposed to Foreign Exchange.

We manage Foreign Exchange Risk across Global Industries and Sectors with special consideration to Screen Based Assets - Film, Television, Technology.

Slate Worldwide Inc. has partnered with Monex Europe providing same-day spot and forward foreign exchange contracts ensuring the most competitive service for their Film, Entertainment and Technology clientele.

We also can leverage Slate Worldwide’s Investment Banking platform for Screen Based Assets (Cash Management Solution, Analytics).

A complete risk averse and cost-effective set of tools mitigating downside economics while simultaneously creating yield ($) on the upside.

Of special interest, Slate Worldwide's partnership with Monex Europe has yielded a Foreign Exchange portfolio which has direct access to liquidity trading approximately ~ $200bn of foreign exchange per year thus ensuring the most competitive service and pricing for Screen Based clientele.

We have tailored a bespoke service to offer companies in the Film, Media-Entertainment and Technology industries understanding each Screen Based project has its own unique complexity, the need for flexibility and importance of cash flow.

For further information including scheduling a meeting at TIFF 2018, please contact John C. Daldin.