Archives Initiatives International

There are certain critical criteria for the success of a project, the creation of a stimulating and rewarding professional interaction and growth. I have, over time, developed expectations from others so that when working together it is clear that open and constructive dialogue can prevail. Credibility, professionalism, imagination, communication and demeanor are the components of this personal checklist.

John Daldin immediately conveyed to me all the necessary attributes for our success and my opinion has only grown since those early days of working together.

It is now almost a year of this collaboration with John on a major project interacting with him at least once a week on a complex new video on demand and portal distribution negotiation and roll out.

It has been at all times a most professional relationship. He has a clear understanding of the demands of the process, identifies the supporting materials needed, creates financial models and negotiates to seal the deal.

John’s style is engaging, energetic, thorough and it is a great pleasure to work with him to break new ground.

Topsy McCarty, President Archive Initiatives International Llc