Slate Worldwide, Inc. announces strategic partnership with The Alfred T. Palmer Collection

The Alfred T. Palmer Collection, a photographic and 16mm film library, has partnered with Slate Worldwide for assistance with acquisition of the library and digitization of the Collection for Edu-tainment purposes.
The Alfred T. Palmer Collection is the photo and film library of famed photographer Alfred T. Palmer who traveled around the world 23 times during the 1920s through the 1970s. When just a pre-teen, he carried Ansel Adams’ tripod during the latter’s photo excursions of Yosemite. At age 19, Mr. Palmer was hired as a cadet for the Dollar Line and subsequently for the Matson and Moore-McCormack Lines, for which he became the official photographer. During these exotic and various round the world trips, Mr. Palmer shot thousands of images. In 1938, he traveled across America photographing the country and during WWII he was commissioned by the US government to head the OMI photography department where he photographed many restricted industrial and military facilities and the “women power” of that era.
Alfred Palmer passed away in 1993, leaving a legacy of life work that is unique in its very essence. This extensive collection of photographs and 16mm color film encompasses six decades of world cultures, World War II history and America’s maritime heritage. The Collection includes images from China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Italy, the Caribbean, South America and images from across the U.S., the trains of America and images of America during WWII. This new arrangement will give the Alfred T. Palmer Collection a stronger presence in the photographic media arena.
“As the steward of my father’s lifetime work – the Alfred T. Palmer Collection – I am so pleased that Slate Worldwide has stepped up to assist in finding a home for this exceptional collection of unique photos and films,” states Julia Palmer Gennert. “To have my father’s work being utilized for educational or Edutainment purposes would be a dream come true. He would approve.”
Slate Worldwide President John Daldin states, “The Alfred T. Palmer Collection is truly unique and a oneof-a-kind assemblage of historical images and I look forward to assisting in making the Collection available so that others can see much of the twentieth century through Mr. Palmers’ artistic vision. In addition, through Kwiztek, our innovative gaming interface for Edu-tainment, a game can be created to inspire and educate young and old alike about the history of foreign lands from images and footage – some from more than 90 years ago.”
The Alfred T. Palmer Collection is a photographic and 16mm film collection of thousands of black and white and color photographs and 16mm color film covering over six decades of images captured worldwide, particularly in Asia and the U.S., by twentieth century photographer Alfred T. Palmer.
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