Slate Worldwide Inc. is a Canadian-based boutique firm assisting leading media, entertainment and technology enterprises to leverage their assets in content, film, gaming, digital interactive entertainment, consumer analytics, technology and international banking.

Our group has broad and varied experience working in studio and independent feature film areas, cable and network television, commercial production, web-based programming and live events. We have also worked in publishing and branded content development. Of special interest, our Structured Products portfolio are sector agnostic alternative structures which act as Wealth-Capital preservation tools wrapped in Liquidity and Absolute Return.

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Financial Solutions

Our structured products portfolio includes financing paradigms which have risk-averse application to large screen-based productions, slates and/or funds.

We are strategically based to facilitate access to Canadian Co-production subsidies and other corporate tax-related incentives allowing further risk-aversion and economics for the global producer community.

For example, one of our risk-adverse solutions involves a client investing funds into a large European bank’s flex repo facility (repurchase agreement) with returns linked to the performance of an investment strategy which accesses a highly diversified and proprietary selection of top global macro, currency, commodity, and managed futures asset managers.

While another is a gap/supergap fund based in Iceland that is uniquely positioned to take advantage, not only of the favorable financial climate in Iceland (high interest rate, stable and growing economy) but also the Icelandic production incentive and co-production treaties with Canada, the UK and France. Given the increased studio presence in the country (Star Wars, Noah, Game of Thrones, Sense 8, Walter Mitty, Star Trek, Thor: The Dark World) Iceland is a natural target for film finance.


Slate Worldwide has extensive experience harnessing opportunities afforded by (or capitalizing on) the new content trajectory, as it moves from a long-form push to the consumer towards a user-initiated transaction-based short-form pull from the consumer.

Our past and current interactive work with content assets includes the structuring and negotiation of new video on demand and portal distribution roll outs on behalf of FILM CHEST and ITN ON. We have also gamified leading Animation television properties Johnny Test and Totally Spies. Our in-house content includes eight publications covering everything from Canadian connections to Beatlemania, Harry Houdini's death, the invention of the Bloody Caesar and the snow blower further strengthened by a proprietary digital database of 40,000 + trivia-centric content assets.

A partner of the Associated Press, Slate Worldwide has direct access to the world’s richest and most dynamic resource of content assets dating from the beginning of the 20th Century. The video and photo libraries of the Associated Press include coverage of some of the most defining moments in recent history. On any given day, more than half the world’s population reads, hears or watches content from the Associated Press.

Production & Analytics

By utilizing strategic relationships and building upon them, Slate Worldwide has moved into the production arena of the film industry.

Drawing upon the experience of seasoned producers and directors, Slate Worldwide can now offer clients production services to enable those seeking assistance to operate not only in Toronto, but Canada in general.

We can offer a wide range of services from turnkey production services to individual skills such as consulting, budgeting, analytics, scheduling, scripting and directing. Slate Worldwide is working to raise its’ profile within the Canadian production marketplace by offering efficient, forward thinking services to meet the needs of an ever changing industry.

We also work in the media space focusing on sales and development of television content along with merchandising as a focus including a strategic interest in AnimangaPLUS Corp., which does production of content for merchandising leveraging a digital distribution platform for children. Our current production pipeline includes an eight episode production for digital distribution with auxiliary games, applications and publishing content.


Slate Worldwide, through an exclusive partnership with Pilot Analytics, can also provide long-range film forecasting. Our experience in the Canadian film market, with nearly 60 international co-production treaties, enables machine learning-based analytics mitigating financial and performance-based risk with data-driven, statistical security for content allowing the end user to regularly evaluate performance benchmarks throughout production to release.

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the way content in all its forms is created, published, distributed and consumed. We evaluate content technologies, develop strategies to exploit digital assets and build innovative multi-platform solutions powering content across multiple digital platforms. Slate Worldwide’ s collaboration has helped the Associated Press in its strategy to continue to reach new digital and interactive audiences by repurposing its collections. The opportunities to Preserve, Power, Repurpose, Monetize and Gamify multimedia content | archives | libraries are endless.

Our core technology utilizes the Internet as the central operating platform extensible to Mobile, Desktop, Digital Out of Home and Augmented Reality powering captive consumer digital marketing solutions and analytics. Slate Worldwide’ s portfolio of digital development also includes consumer facing branded content solutions, multi-platform skill gaming solution, enterprise Content Management Systems and video-on-demand portals for educational libraries. Our Interactive partners specialize in web solutions and enterprise database applications using Oracle, Microsoft, Java and PHP technologies.  We assist our clients develop great business applications fast.

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